Student Portal

The resources here are to help students & parents practice as well as resources for studio scheduling and information for new students. Check out the studio Facebook page for updates on concerts or other studio goings on.

For tools for current students please go to the Student Resources Page (password required).

New Student Information


Welcome to the Baca Cello Studio. If you are a new student please read all the information below. Also, please follow these steps:

  1. Print, read, and sign the Student Code of Conduct and bring it to your first or next lesson.
  2. Complete the New Student Registration
  3. Contact Tamra and she will let you know if you need anything more than what is on this list.

Studio Location

The studio is located in West Jordan, UT at approximately 6700 W 8200 S. If you need the exact address, please contact Tamra.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is a document that all students must sign as an agreement between student, parent (if applicable), and teacher. This document outlines what is expected of both teacher and student during the lessons as well as practice requirements, tuition policy, and information about the studio.

Please read this document thoroughly. Once you sign a copy and return it to me I will send a signed copy to you for your records. Additionally, a copy will always be available on this website.


Below is a table with monthly tuition rates. Any additional fees are for extra events such as Suzuki Association of Utah, Federation, etcetera and information on those will be available from your teacher.

30 minute lessons $80 per month
45 minute lessons $120 per month
1 hour lessons $160 per month

PayPal or Venmo

If you wish to use PayPal to pay your monthly tuition please use the "Send Money to Friends or Family" option from your PayPal account. If you have linked a bank account to your PayPal account this option does not charge you a fee. Venmo is also well received. Either way you choose, please send it to

What to Expect

Lessons will be organized according to what the student is working on. Generally there will be a set list of items such as scales, arpeggios, review pieces, main piece, and supplemental literature as required. If the student is part of a group, they are always welcome to bring pieces being worked on in that group with which they need help.

What to Bring to Your First Lesson

To start: cello, bow, and some music. The first lesson is typically a time to show off what you already know. Plan to play something that demonstrates your cellistic technique, your musical knowledge, and anything else that you'd like to play.

If you need help picking out your first cello let Tamra know! She would LOVE to help you do that.