Student Resources

Welcome to the Student Resources page. Please feel free to peruse and utilize all of these resources for the benefit of you or your student. If you have questions about any of these or have any issues with any of the resources please let me know via email, text, phone call, etc.

The links at the top will help you navigate to the place you're looking for quickly.


Scheduling & Contact Roster

Both the Student Contact Roster and the Studio Schedule are hosted on Google Docs. If you have the link (provided by clicking below), you will be able to view and edit them.

If you need to change your lesson time please look at the Studio Schedule and send me an email and tell me when you'd like to come to your lesson. If you need to swap with another student, please feel free to call or email them and ask them to switch with you and then tell me.

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Audio Resources

This section is still a work in progress. Feel free to enjoy the recordings that are here and more will be coming along soon.

Audio Resources are available to stream from this page or you may go to the studio Soundcloud page to listen directly from there. Audio resources include: drones for tuning, Suzuki Books 1-4 (duet and accompaniment only parts), and Popper Duets.

Drones for Tuning

Drones for Tuning  More Coming Soon!


Suzuki Book 1 Duets

Each recording is listed Duet Version on the left and Accompaniment Only on the right. You may download all the songs in one .zip file by clicking here.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variations:

Twinkle Theme

Twinkle: Variation A

Twinkle: Variation B

Twinkle: Variation C

Twinkle: Variation D

2. French Folk Song

3. Lightly Row

4. Song of the Wind

5. Go Tell Aunt Rhody

6. O Come Little Children

7. May Song

8. Allegro

9. Perpetual Motion and Variation

10. Long Long Ago

11. Allegretto

12. Andantino

13. Rigadoon

14. Etude

15. Happy Farmer

16. Minuet in C

17. Minuet No. 2

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Suzuki Book 2 Duets

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Suzuki Book 3 Duets

Suzuki Book 4 Duets

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Video Resources

All video resources are available to stream on YouTube. You can use the shortcut links here or you may visit the studio YouTube channel to browse all studio playlists there.

Video resources include: All Suzuki Book playlists - meaning a recording by me or someone else of the songs in each book, some of my favorite chamber music pieces, or other meaningful video resources to help with practicing and general enjoyment of music.

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Studio Documents & Help Practicing


**Madelyn Bayles801-244-7047801-244-7047
Shelley Astle801-487-3598801-487-3598
Diane Bastian801-295-8332801-295-8332
Laurel Enke801-966-4497801-966-4497
Larry Gee801-364-4175801-364-4175
Denise Farrington801-571-4602801-571-4602
Elizabeth Lund801-486-1884801-486-1884
Holly Dodge801-294-5492801-294-5492
Jessica Lee801-419-9262801-419-9262
Allison Kendell801-948-4060801-948-4060
Gaye Platt801-966-5587801-966-5587
Laurie Beckstrom801-440-1864801-440-1864
Stephanie Smith801-860-5501801-860-5501
Melissa Livengood801-531-7176801-531-7176

**Baca Studio Pianist


Other Helpful Things

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Studio Suggested Reading

Below are a few suggested reading lists. These resources are here to improve your student's and your own practicing. They are also here to provide inspiration (fiction and non-fiction). There is also a list of literature on the Suzuki Method.

Musical Inspiration

The Cello Suites: J. S. Bach, Pablo Casals,
and the Search for a Baroque Masterpiece
Eric Siblin
Death and the Maiden: A Daniel Jacobus MysteryGerald Elias
Death and Transfiguration: A Daniel Jacobus MysteryGerald Elias

Parent Reading List

Helping Parents Practice: Ideas for Making It EasierEdmund Sprunger
Home Practice Tips (PDF Article)Suzuki Association Journal
Structured Practice at Home (PDF Article)Erin Wood
Suzuki Practice for Parents (PDF Article)Winifred Crock

Student Reading List

Inner Game of TennisW. Timothy Gallwey
Mental Practice and Imagery for MusiciansMalva Freymuth

Suzuki Reading List

Nurtured by LoveShinichi Suzuki & Waltraud Suzuki
Ability Development from Age ZeroShinichi Suzuki
Teaching from the Balance Point: A guide for Suzuki parents, teachers, and studentsEdward Kreitman

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